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                 Civilized unit of Jiangsu Province in 2016
                 Demonstration enterprise of safety culture construction in Jiangsu in 2012
                Set up in February 2003, Huai’an Traffic Holding Co.,Ltd is a wholly state - owned enterprise funded by Huai’an Municipal People’s Government(//english.huaian.gov.cn/). As the only financing platform for traffic construction and investment body for traffic industry, the company’s main duty is to raise traffic construction funds on behalf of Huai’an Municipal People’s Government.
                On the other hand, as an investment body of state-owned assets, it bears operation, management, transfer, investment, business merger and acquisition, assets reorganization, contract and lease of state-owned assets within the range of authority in the filed of urban traffic, state-owned and holding enterprises and other enterprises as well as other approved businesses. It also takes responsibility of investment, development, construction and management of traffic infrastructure and equity investment (non-securities equity investment activities).
                At present, the registered capital of the company is 14.345 billion yuan. The total asset is 32.3 billion yuan and the net asset is 19.1 billion yuan. Its main long term rating is AA+.